Tuesday, May 13, 2014


Surrender: What you do to give up control! So with starting my new business I have had to practice my surrendering.....AGAIN!!! I have decided that no part of life is worth trying to control. As we tense up we actually become less flexible in our body. As we let go in a yoga pose we are able to actually able to become more flexible and have more movement. It is the same with our spirits. Surrender to God and then an energy is available to us mere mortals on earth that allows Him to work in our lives. We find greater joy because we are not resisting the movements.

I love this quote:
"The easy path leads to the hard life, but the hard path leads to the easy life" Rilke (poet)

In this journey through life, are we wondering if we will survive if we step our of our comfort zone? I wonder if I was going to SURVIVE IN MY COMFORT ZONE!

After a life of Anxiety, Depression, Stress, Control, Eating Disorders, Pain, Heartache, Victimization of self, Persecution of Self and others, Rescuing others thinking I was being "Christ-like", and Poor Self-Care, I have NO DESIRE to got back any more.

A year ago I would have said to you....NOT POSSIBLE. After 20 years of trying to be something different and FAILING, I would have never thought I would sit here and say there is HOPE for EVERYONE. All those years I periodically asked "WHY"? Why does God let me suffer? Why the Pain? He speaks of his Power, His Grace, His Joy, His Love, and the list goes on. BUT the way is NOT the list above. The way is NOT a check-off list that I thought HE taught. Obedience is good but what motivates is more, a change of heart is more important. Now I see THAT doctrine is the philosophy of Man mingled with scripture. So is the Doctrine of Perfection by Guilt (also called shame) to others and self.


I have learned my whole life that we should love God first and then our neighbor but something VERY IMPORTANT WAS LOST in translation. Not translation to English but translation from English to HUMAN.
The lost DOCTRINE: love thy neighbour as thyself.

I miss something that has to come before you can love others. You can love God and not love yourself but it is impossible to love someone else if you do not love yourself first. It is very clear in this scripture that loving thyself must come FIRST even though is is said in an afterthought. How I wished I had know how to love myself. I can't ever go back and I have learned so much that now I want to share this joy in my heart with others. It really should say:
1. Love God
2. Love Thyself
3. Love your Neighbor

It is easy to love others when you love yourself. We can fake it pretty good. I know I could do a pretty good acting job. I didn't even get any professional training....lol. 

So how do we get out of our comfort Zones and begin this process? 

I suggest MEDITATION as a starting point (if not a good therapist). 12 step programs don't teach this very well because we can't SEE. We need Others who are healthy to be our guardian angels. 

Meditation as a tool help us with our thinking. To just sit and be in the present with yourself. So often we live in the past or Wishing for the future and our present is never there. To be just where you are and be OK with yourself. To be NON-Judgemental without any thoughts you have. To focus on the breath starting with just 5 minutes.When your mind travels away from the breath for sounds, bodily sensations, or thoughts, we just notice with awareness and come back to the breath. The breath is so perfect because you can't make-up for past breathing or breathe for the future. you can only breathe for the present. That is how we live our lives. In this moment. Where we are. With No judgement. Then change can happen. So we can come to awareness or continue to numb ourselves and live in some future moment that is always far off and never attainable. Step into the darkness with hope of a small light in the distance by just starting the first step but never ALONE!

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