Thursday, July 31, 2014

Gratitude, attraction, and That's Right....

I am so grateful I got up at 5:15 this morning. I am grateful I was able to get the house picked up. It feel light when it is clean. It is energizing for me. I am grateful husband took out the trash (OK 2 bags, and I did have to ask but that is beside the point being I am grateful for teaching Yoga. I am grateful for abundance and prosperity NOW!!! I am grateful for the breath and it's calmness. I am grateful for sons talking to me. I am grateful for my son and his hard work ethic. I am grateful a home where I can create beauty. I am grateful for being a mother. I am grateful that "less is more" and God does not want me to try so hard but build relationships. I am grateful for meditation.

I am attracting: 
an ability to visualize pictures in my head/brain. 
beautiful furniture for my home
a yoga studio/media room, new engineered hardwood flooring, carpets, paint. tile, front door, working garage door. 
Love in my current relationship with my spouse.
people to share my knowledge of Mindfulness, Yoga, and Law of Attraction (Faith in Jesus Christ according to my beliefs) with  who will pay for my services and others I can offer scholarships to who can only pay less but need help. 
Boys and men who will try yoga and mindfulness. 
hospital, doctors,  and business offering my services to their employees and patients. 
Lots of time with family and husband. 
Transitioning in hospital from my current job to teaching mindfulness or ending my employment with current hospital 
Canceled from Work on Saturday to spend day with family. 
Going to Kemah in morning with kids
money coming into my life

Thats Right....
...I believe in myself and practice self-compassion life is amazing 
....I feel strong.
....I have energy
....I have positive thoughts 
...I am receiving the inspiration I need each day to do God's will in my life relationship with my husband is growing relationships with each of my children has sufficient time for nurturing and having positive relationship time. 


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