Thursday, October 9, 2014

Starting Day with Centering and Personal Growth

I am so excited for my day today. I was up at 4 am doing my yoga and finding my centering for my day. It is powerful to come to the breath and put the thinking aside for a while. It is said that thinking only takes us into the past (depression) or the future (anxiety).

I have to put my faith crisis on hold at times because I find myself grieving my past (depression), trying to understand my previous thinking and beliefs (more depression), trying to understand the teaching that has been taught at the pulpit (more depression),  where my testimony is going (anxiety), my salvation based on my current shifting (process) paradigm (more anxiety), and the time it takes to process all this "THINKING". It can be so exhausting (due to the future (anxiety) and past (depression) thinking).

This is why the breath has come to mean so much in my life. This is my present moment and it brings me to this place at this moment. Then when I go to "thinking",I notice and come back to my present moment breath. Then I can actually find peace to do something I enjoy in life in the mode of "Effortless Effort". My life unfolds before me in the most perfect way. I trust God is opening doors for me that allow great things to come into my life, my relationships, and my health.

I love to talk in these new ways to my children. I love to feel peace in my heart. I am grateful from my family and my kids. I grateful for my teenage son who is willing to do yoga now. (OK it may help that it is him with 3 other girls- odds are in his favor) I am grateful that the girls that came this week to my teen yoga class were surprised at a new way of thinking besides "stress and anxiety".

One of the girls is #2 in the school academically (I didn't know this at the time). She rated her stress as a 12 on a 1-10 scale. Not good for teens to feel so much pressure to do. I asked what one of current stressors...PSAT is coming up...I said, "are you in the PSAT right now?"...."No"....Breathe, come to the breath, and see how life at this moment is good, with friends, in yoga class. Next week you can be in your PSAT. The stress comes from being in the PSAT right now and not being able to take it.....She just had a look of Awe of her face. A concept she had never before thought. Someone who is #2 in the school has little Mind/Body/Emotional Strength and Intelligence.

I am grateful for peace, growth, friends, and life with all its confusion. I am grateful for my husband that we can talk about how we are feeling. I am grateful we talk about issues that are difficult. I am grateful I am able to provide a safe environment that he can talk about things and it is not about the "church box" I used to be in and the fear that was associated with that. It feels so good and less shaming.

I am attracting appointment with the hospital, Directors, CNO, and CEO (why not go to the top!) to discuss beside nursing and my vision. I see them willing to integrate it into the system and paying me $200/hour to implement.
I am atttracting books, articles, and people reading them for improvement in bedside nursing and integrating mindfulness into hospital for nurses, families, doctors, staff, patients, and community.
I am attracting people to my yoga classes.

That's right....
I HAVE abundance of money, family time,
IAM healthy, wealthy, and wise
I AM learning, reading, studying, and growing in my Faith in God.
I AM peaceful, joyful, abundant, and happy.
I Have great love for my children and my husband. They feel the love I have for them.
I AM a great Yoga Teacher for Adults and Children.

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