Wednesday, October 1, 2014


Talk about miracles. I went to teach my yoga class tonight and I was feeling heavy all day. Lots on my plate. For some reason only one student showed up. This student happens to teach medical publishing at a local university (big name). I start telling her my ideas and she says, "Have you thought about publishing?" Yea...but I know so little. She said I had some great ideas and she would love to help me publish. WOW!!! What are the odds of that...probably less than the lottery. The moment I am feeling a need to be an advocate for change in the medical field. I get a publisher and an editor, and she just got back from a conference about doing just what I need!!!
See Law of Attraction WORKS...FAITH WORKS!!!
My belief was there but I felt unsettled about path. Amazing door opened. I also decided to cancel my evening classes to have every evening with my family. Peace has returned. Path is clearer!!!

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