Monday, September 22, 2014

MORE Gratitude, Faith, and Self-Compassion

May I feel the feelings that come with a grateful heart:
  •  I felt anxiety yesterday when I went to register for a training course...$475. My husband had no problem with it, I even had to ask him to come sit by me for a moment while I sorted my feelings. I am grateful for the opportunity to be taught by someone and grow. I am grateful for my husband who encouraged me when it was hard for me to invest in self-care. I am grateful for his support in the evening when I take this course for the next 7 weeks. 
  •  I was able to get canceled from my job on Saturday, It was a miracle. I needed the weekend with my family and my husband. I am so grateful for that time I had with my family. 
  • I think of the sweet conversation my husband and I had with our high-school son last night. We spent over two hours talking. At first it was over his cellphone (and his NEED to have it) and this led to him sharing with us his feelings about his testimony, not wanting to go to college, not wanting to serve a mission, girls, sex, girl drama, boys, drugs, friends, school and emotional health. How grateful I am that my husband and I had the skills to know how to show empathy. I watched as my husband listened, tried to understand his pain, and told him he believed in him to find his answers. We "solved" nothing, made no decisions (even about cell phone), but made lasting connection and bonding. WOW...what a miracle. In the past I probably would have felt fear rise that my son would speak such things. The fact that he is sharing will allow him to find the space in his head to grow and seek answers.
  • grateful I moved my kids yoga classes back home. I am looking forward to a little more time and less stuff to haul around. 
  • I have my new yoga class today for the second day. I am excited for this class and it's structure. It is empowering for me to have a class that meets one day a week and being able to grow and progress in my teaching of mindfulness and yoga. 
  • housecleaners that come every week. 
I am attracting into my life (FAITH):

  • Teaching my classes with peace and love, meeting the needs of the students, and knowing what those needs are. 
  • Showing love to my husband by feeling it in my heart. 
  • time to study my scriptures for personal growth and testimony building.
  • Peace as a mother. Time to connect with my kids and kindness in my heart towards them.
  • Abundance of money, time with family, health
  • skin free of Exima that has been with me 15 years. 
  • People coming to my yoga classes who would benefit from my knowledge and services. 
  • Middle school girls to come to yoga.
  • New floors and yoga room, and the money to get what would be best.
  • Connection with my daughters today.

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  1. I can also personally endorse all your conclusions and points presented here. However, I found it also reasonable to provide here a statement from that despite you need to be grateful you should still be objective and not to blanch over the negative features of person you are grateful to be you friend/love/family member. Gratefulness is not blindness.