Friday, September 19, 2014

UPDATE: Gratitude, attraction, and That's Right....

Update from this post: 

I am grateful for these last 4 weeks of love and compassion I have felt for my husband. It has not been free of challenges but I have been able to be mindful during them. For this I am also grateful.
I am grateful for a good night sleep. My husband was suppose to call me at 6 am to wake me up as I turned off my alarm this morning. He didn't. My neighbor calls me at 6:55 to tell me that it is raining and she will be driving the kids to school and wanted to know if my daughter wanted a ride. I wake up my daughter and my other 2 kids are playing together. Well we got her ready in 15 minutes...and fed and my other 2 kids out door by 7:35. I did have to breathe a few times to stay calm in my heart.

I feel grateful for mindfulness and the blessing it is my life right now. That I can just be present with my beating heart right now at this moment. I just talked to my boss about getting the day off tomorrow. I was wanting to bring an immediate "yes" to the table but she said that one nurse had called in the last 2 days and she could not take me off till 5:30 am. I am grateful that I was able to talk to her and let her know my desire to have the day off tomorrow. I feel a need to increase my faith that I will have the day off tomorrow. I want to attract the day off tomorrow. I want to not only attract a day off tomorrow but also attract the knowledge of it TODAY!!!

Anxiety regarding working on Saturdays' has plagued my Fridays'. About 6 months ago I felt a need to be done working on Saturday. It only has led to even more anxiety on Friday. I practice being Mindful on Friday, but I have come to enjoy my Saturday so much with my family that I almost resent having to work on Saturday. I love the peace I feel on Friday to have a let down from the week. I feel a level of "UP" during the week and on the weekend it is nice to have a "down". I practice being mindful during the week but I can't seem to shake Friday anxiety before work no matter how much I do or don't "try" (and it has ZERO to do with my actual job as a nurse or the stress on the job...I just want to be with my family). It just rises in my chest. It feels like I should not be going to work and I have been attracting a different source of income through my Yoga business, but each time it rolls around it reminds me that I should not be working on Saturday.

I breathe and at this moment, I am just being present with my anxiety. I already feel it rising in me. I feel it just having talked to my boss about getting the day off tomorrow. I talked with her 1 1/2 weeks ago that I would like to quite bedside nursing (or transition). I just need to give her the "green light". My conversation went well with her. Time passes so quickly and another week is almost gone and I still have not sent the information to the hospital administration. I know that what is right is coming into my life and what is not will go away. It is coming with ease and with little or no effort.  I know that God has given me the POWER to create MY LIFE.

I am creating tomorrow as a day with my family. I am creating someone or someway coming to pass for me to be home. I am creating that a way will be opened up TODAY for the knowledge to come into my life that I have the day with my family. I am creating time with my husband and kids tomorrow. I am feeling abundance of peace and joy tonight with my family. I am feeling grateful that I received this knowledge today. I am grateful that the LOA is another way to describe FAITH (belief in something you can't see). I see this knowledge coming into my life to have Saturday off.

I am creating an opportunity to get into the MBSR course offered locally. I am seeing opportunities arising for me to get the training to teach and also for my own personal growth and development. I see my husband coming with me to take the course. I am paying cash for the course. I am seeing (_______) calling me to discuss the course with me and wanting me to take the course and train me. I see her finding time to visit with me in schedule and grateful that she took the time to visit with me. I see her seeing my gifts and talents to teach Mindfulness.

I am seeing people come to my Yoga classes. I am seeing them telling neighbors and friends about my classes. I see abundance of money. I am teaching my children to be more mindful. I am inspiring them to want to apply mindfulness in their life.

I am attracting: 
an ability to visualize pictures in my head/brain. My mind is black. I have color and vivid dreams but my waking mind is dark to see. 
beautiful furniture for my home 
a yoga studio/media room, new engineered hardwood flooring, carpets, paint. tile, front door, working garage door. 
Greater Love in my current relationship with my spouse. So grateful for my increase in love since I wrote this the first time. I never dreamed I would find it by being faced with another challenge but it was at catalyst for being able to change my boundary. 
People to share my knowledge of Mindfulness, Yoga, and Law of Attraction (Faith in Jesus Christ according to my beliefs) with  who will pay for my services and others I can offer scholarships to who can only pay less but need help. I have had many already coming to my class. 
Boys and men who will try yoga and mindfulness. (My son and his friend came to class on husband has been coming for 5 weeks)
hospital, doctors,  and business offering my services to their employees and patients. I am currently working on information to give to the hospital to present to them Mindfulness. 
Lots of time with family and husband. I am creating and talking to administration in the hospital to transition to teaching Mindfulness. 
Transitioning in hospital from my current job to teaching mindfulness or ending my employment with current hospital Talked with the hospital about transitioning from bedside nursing to teaching mindfulness. 
Canceled from Work on Saturday to spend day with family.  This Saturday I am creating this also. 
Going to Ride Park in morning with kids We decided to wait till fall until it cools off. 
money coming into my life In my newest yoga class, I am making 100% of the money. 

Thats Right....
...I believe in myself and practice self-compassion So IMPORTANT!!! life is amazing 
....I feel strong.
....I have energy
....I have positive thoughts 
...I am receiving the inspiration I need each day to do God's will in my life relationship with my husband is growing YEA!!! Miracles are happening. relationships with each of my children has sufficient time for nurturing and having positive relationship time. I was able to go to the movies and dinner with my teen son and even during the movie he put his head on my shoulder. We had a wonderful talk at dinner about girls. 

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