Monday, September 15, 2014

New Lens to See Scripture

I listened to this podcast regarding scripture. I am grateful for my "new" translation of scripture. It is not used to beat me up or shame me as in time past. Scripture is written mostly (some may have more political motives for power) men with good intent. This is what is important...intent. To see past the "actual" word into something greater is what is important.

As I have studied the Old Testament this year, my world has been shaken up. I was not satisfied with my understanding of just "reading" the KJV of the bible. I wanted more. I started searching scholars and other sources for further light. My eyes were opened to the culture, context, and lens these "scripture" are written. Being open to seeing scripture, prophets, apostles, bishops, and anything else with a new lens has blessed me beyond description (and lack of time at this moment to write)

The podcast has these 3 authors speak about their books and Scripture: link
  • Joseph Spencer: “Scripture and the Structure of Religious Life”
  • David Bokovoy: “‘I Will Tell You in Your Mind and in Your Heart’: Reading the Bible Critically as a Believing Latter-day Saint”
  • Adam Miller: “Reading Scripture: Continuing the Work of Translation”

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